Green Olives cracked with fennel

  • Type : Olive
  • Product Type :  Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruit
  • Style : Fresh
  • Variety : Green olives craked with fennel 
  • Color : green olives 
  • Cultivation Type : Common
  • Harvesting Method : Hand Harvested , Piece by piece .
  • Caliber : 200/240 . 1 Kg = 200 to 240 olives
  • Weight (g) : 370g
  • Model Number : Green olives cracked with fennel  370g
  • Maturity : 50%
  • Category : Green Olives  cracked with fennel
  • INGREDIENTS : salted water , green olives fresh olive, fennel


Tunisian Table Olives are produced using Organic processed. These are very high quality table olives, that enjoyed almost 12 months of a generous Mediterranean Sun.

All our Table Olives are hand picked up , which is friendly for both, the Olive Tree and the Olive itself. Most of our transforming process is made by hand, following the multi millenium tunisian culture of harvesting and preparing Table Olives.

In the Carthaginian period, olive cultivation started to spread an account of several advantages granted to olive-growers. The Romans continued the expansion of olive-growing stepped up irrigation, olive oil extraction techniques. Excavations at Sufeitula (present-day Sbeitla) and Thysdrus (El Jem) and Roman mosaics discovered in Sousse, attest the widespread culture of olive-trees throughout Tunisia.

We’ll always provide our clients with 100% Tunisian Made High Quality Table Olives.


Nutrition facts

Serving Size:  About 2 pieces =   (15ml / 14g / 0.5oz)

RI= Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal)
Typical Values as Drained Per 14g serving % Based on RI for Average Adult
Energy  30 kJ 6%
Fat  2.5g 21%
f .Saturates 0% 0%
Carbohydrate 0.0mg 0%
Total Sugars 0.0g 0%
Protein 0.0g 0%
Salt 0.0g 0%

Shipping info


 Jar Capacity   370g (13.05 ounce)
 Jar / Carton   12
Carton /20′    1760
 Jar  / Pallet  
 Jar / 20′     21120
 Jar / 40′    42240
 Jar dimension     
 Carton dimensions    370*270*103
 Pallet dimensions    120*100


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