Hard Wheat Mediterranean Thin Grain Couscous 25 kg

  • Type : Hard Wheat
  • Shape : Thin Grain
  • Brand Name : MEDILIFE
  • Package : Bag
  • Weight (kg): 25 kg
  • Place of Origin : Tunisia
  • Shelf Life : 2 Years
  • Cooking Time : 20 Minutes
  • Style : Dried
  • Primary Ingredient : Durum Wheat
  • Certification : HACCP, KOSHER, NOP, ISO, ECOCERT


MEDILIFE Couscous Country of Origin: Tunisia

Experts say that it went back two or three thousand years to our Tunisian ancestors “the Berbers”. In every Tunisian house, there used to be something like home factories where women traditionally produced Pasta by hand.

Nowadays, people everywhere consider Couscous as ambassador of North African cuisine and the epitome of the delicacy of Mediterranean culinary art. Above all, it is meant to be shared and savored along with laughter and conversation.

What makes MEDILIFE Couscous such a healthy food

Valuable antioxidants, good nutrition, in addition to excellent anti-aging properties :

  • Fiber (at least five grams of fiber per ounce cup)
    • Helps to support a healthy heart
    • Helps to decrease risks for diabetes
    • Contains no fat or sugar
    • One cup of couscous contains the daily recommended portion of selenium

Couscous Cooking Types

1/ Steamed Couscous :

Steamed Couscous could provide you with Protein, Dietary Fiber, Essential Vitamins, & Minerals.


2/ Boiled Couscous :

MEDILIFE Boiled Couscous could be served as a Starter Dish, Main Dish, Side Dish, Dessert Dish.   

boiled couscous.jpg

Couscous Meals : 



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