Pearl Couscous NB#3

  • Primary Ingredient: 100% durum wheat semolinaStyle: Dried

    Cooking: 20 minutes

    Packaging Size: 500g

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

    Place of Origin: Tunisia

    Brand Name: MEDILIFE or OEM

    Certifications: NOP, ISO, FDA, Kosher, HACCP, Halal

    Delivery Terms: CFR or CIF


Pearl Couscous NB#3


Pearl Couscous NB#3, Israeli couscous, also called pearl couscous, is similar to regular couscous, the only thing different is the shape.

While it is mostly labeled as Israeli couscous, it is also know it as “pearl couscous”, “Jerusalem couscous”

It is known in Tunisia, “M’hammes”or ”M’hamsa .

So, what does it taste like?

Because of its size, Pearl Couscous 500 gr  has a slightly chewy texture, similar to barley

Because it’s toasted, it has a slightly nutty flavor.

Like regular couscous and other whole grains, however, Pearl Couscous 500 gr  is rather bland on it’s own, and needs to be prepared with seasonings, spices, sauces or fresh herbs.

Because Pearl Couscous is made from wheat flour, it is not a gluten-free food, though it is vegetarian and vegan.

Pearl Couscous also has a low glycemic index, making it a healthy and high-fiber food.

Nowadays, people consider Pearl Couscous as ambassador of North African cuisine and the epitome of the delicacy of Mediterranean culinary art.

Tunisians Chefs like to  spice up Pearl Couscous with Harissa.

They also like to serve it as a desert.

In Conclusion,  Pearl Couscous 500 gr  remains one of the most attractive and mysterious dishes in the world.

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Nutrition facts

Nutritional Values of 100g :

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Product Thin Pearl Couscous 25kg
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