Chessboard Game Rustic with Storage Drawers

Product: Chessboard

Dimensions: 40cm X 40cm, 17cm X 17cm , 25cm X 25cm, 30cm X 30cm

Material: Olivewood

Brand: OlivOilO

Origin: Tunisia


Our craftsman makes the chessboard game from a 100 years old olive tree.

We offer handmade games that are made from a rustic olive tree trunk, varnished with
beeswax to keep its appearance and natural smell. Olive wood objects need to be washed with mild soapy water, rinsed, and wiped immediately.

You can from time to time wipe them with a soft cloth soaked in olive oil and be careful not to soak them in water.

Our chessboard is perfect for giving your home decor a contemporary flair. Rustic and unique chessboard with a beautiful design, it can also be a perfect and stunning gift for any occasion.

These handmade olive wood products are made from a single piece of durable, solid, and dense olive wood, each item has a different structure and texture so that each one of them is a unique item. We cut the olive tree only when it cut down on carrying any fruit for long periods of time.

Our packaging team, use an inner and outer carton to protect our merchandise. Please note that all the pieces included with the board.
we also make specific labels for each item such as sleeves for chopping boards, labels for utensils.
since we are managing orders from all over the world we have a graphic and design team to design our clients’ private labels.


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