Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL Hazdrubal

Type : Olive OiL

Product Type : Fruit Oil

Grade : Organic  Extra Virgin

Cultivation Type : Organic

Packaging :  Crafted Glass bottle 

Purity (%) :  100

Certification :  ISO 9001, ISO 22000, KOSHER ,,,


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL Hazdrubal


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500mL Hazdrubal,

Traditionally Hand Harvested (Friendly for the Olives and for the Olive Tree), as opposed to Mechanical Harvest which hurts trees with an aggressive harvesting method, as it’s the case  in Spain,  Italy, Greece…etc.

>> Olives are moved from the field immediately to the Press : The Best Olive oil is obtained by pressing the olives that have been harvested the same day. This way the olives are not oxidized and the output in Olive oil is just the best you can have.  Our Press is in the middle of Olive Fields.

>> Our Olive Oil is 1st Cold Pressed. The olives stay inside stalls, waiting their turn, like small, black mountains.

Moreover, when their time comes, we crush the fruits by the stone to a paste that will be pressed into oil.

Above all, we do not use Heat (which increases quantity but decreases quality of the Olive Oil). We cold press our Olives for the Best Possible Olive Oil. This results in low acidity and low PV of our Olive Oil.

Chemical Analysis for EVOO : 

>Olive Oil from Tunisia has a low and Stable Acidity (0.3% Acidity, Δ K < 0.01). An elevated level of FFA for instance can indicate poor quality or mishandled fruit, too much time between harvesting and extraction, poor storage and/or high temperature during extraction.

>Low Peroxide Value (10.70) . Primary measurement of rancidity in oil. Higher peroxide levels indicate oxidized and/or poor quality oil & give an idea of the freshness & storage conditions.

>Low Level of UV Absorption means High Quality of Olive Oil not oxidized (K270 < 0.112 ; K232 < 1.88) . Secondary measurement  of rancidity in oil. Elevated levels of UV absorption indicate oxidized and/or poor quality oil, possible refining and/or adulteration with refined oil.

>Higher than 55% percentage of Oleic Acid results in longer shelf life of the Olive Oil (Ours is 59.13%).


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